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Doll / Lovin' Ladyboy Doll, Inflatable Transsexual L
Thai Ladyboy life-sized inflatable sex doll Pretty screened lady boy face Soft mouth opening Full soft breasts with screened purple panties Ladyboy surprise penis Tight anal opening

Doll / Gia darling transsexual doll 7in removable cock
Gia has it all... voluptuous breasts, removable 7in X 1 cock, 2 loving passages, beautiful 4-color face, and gorgeous long flowing blonde hair. So squeeze her breast, stroke her hair, and straddle her erect cock! Gia is aching for you, inside and out!

Doll / Transexual Love Doll
Pre-op transexual love doll with functional removable vibrating veined cock and firm tits. Beautiful feminine photo-processed face and body. Printed-on fishnet stockings and garters. AA batteries (not included)

Doll /Lovin ladyboy doll transsexual love doll
The third sex may be the best sex you've ever had! More beautiful than most women you've seen but more powerful than most men can ever be! Explore this little lady's soft inflatable mouth and anal openings. Her pretty ladyboy face invites you to discover her secrets. The sexy screened purple thong lingerie lets your boy to look lovely even when you're not using her. Bury yourself in her large inflatable breasts or take full advantage of her extra-large ladyboy sur