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Doll / Mercedez 3 hole doll
3 tempting openings to satisfy your every desire with realistic face and soft, smooth skin. Small box

Doll / Miss dusky diva blow up mini doll
- Sexy life-size love doll
- Lifelike printed face Superstar, Ashton Moore
- Ashton is on all-fours and ready to fulfill your fantasies
- Features soft breasts and three sex entries

Doll / Big babe bella your hot chubby lover
Meet Officer Sukkit, the naughty policewoman who's above the law and below your belt. This law upholding officer has the authority to make you climax using her sexy mouth, pussy and ass. There's no need to holster your weapon, she wants your nightstick to be hard and erect! You have the right to remain excited anything you say can and will be granted!

Doll /Agent 69 international love doll
She is cocked, locked, and ready to rock! She's got a license for thrills and loves to go deep under covers. Meet Agent 69, the secret agent love doll who will do anything to infiltrate your pants. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to penetrate her two love tunnels, fire off a few loads in her mouth and ass, and make her pink pussy your prisoner for the night. Doll includes a life-like Fanta-Flesh pussy and ass. She has firm perky breasts, lifelike fingers, a sexy 3D-formed face and arms that swivel 360 degrees. Use extreme caution - she'll blow you away if you are not careful!

Doll/ Bree olson rawhide hottie love doll
The Wild West just got wilder! The Bree Olson Rawhide Hottie inflatable love doll has a pretty silk-screened face and comes with removable cowboy hat, fringed skirt, and fringed bikini top. This cowgirl has extra-perky breasts with lifelike hard nipples and three openings to ride your bucking bronco. Repair kit included.

Doll /Yumi - The Anime Doll
Meet Yumi from Japan, the life-size Asian fuck-doll that`s the perfect anime playmate. Fuck her pussy, ass or mouth, or even her big round tits, and let all your far out, Far East fantasies come true. She`s always ready, willing and able. She`s Yumi but you`ll call her yummy....the anywhere, anytime doll.