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Doll / Wild Honey Love Doll
3 tempting openings to satisfy your every desire with realistic face and soft, smooth skin. Small box

Doll / Ashton Moore Love Doll
- Sexy life-size love doll
- Lifelike printed face Superstar, Ashton Moore
- Ashton is on all-fours and ready to fulfill your fantasies
- Features soft breasts and three sex entries

Doll / Officer Sukkit Love Doll
Meet Officer Sukkit, the naughty policewoman who's above the law and below your belt. This law upholding officer has the authority to make you climax using her sexy mouth, pussy and ass. There's no need to holster your weapon, she wants your nightstick to be hard and erect! You have the right to remain excited anything you say can and will be granted!

Doll /Jessica Sin Love Doll
Meet Jessica, the sexy little angel with a dark side and 3 temping love holes. Don't let her cute face and angelic smile fool you. This little whore has an appetite for cock and she never says no! From her soft perky tits to her big round ass, Jessica is all yours... every inch of her. See how nasty she can be and make her your love slave!

Doll/ Chasey Lain Doll
Original molding of face includes crystal eyes, long silky hair and her mouth has soft lips and a realistic feeling rotating tongue. Chasey's hands and feet are molded to match the real Chasey with painted finger and toe nails. Her breasts are life size and include realistic feeling nipples. Chasey's Vagina and Anus are a special one piece design for anatomically correct proportions. The vagina and anus vibrate (uses 4 AA batteries). Also includes Chasey Lubricant and a signed Chasey poster.

Doll /Tera Patrick Ultimate Erotic Love Doll
State of the art single pour technique for a perfect replica of Tera Patrick. 100% hygenically surgical latex that is completely seamless in design. Natural feel, life-like mannequin head with noduled Futurotic mouth, long flowing brown hair, erect nipples, painted nails, brown eyes and full ripe breasts. Dual inflation chambers reinforce the body structure to hold 300 lbs. Includes handy foot pump, powerful removable multi-speed bullet, maintenance talc, repair kit and accessory pouch.