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Doll / Private Secretary Doll
Beautiful 4-colorface, sensuous long hair, voluptuous breasts, removable sexy skirt, blouse and bra. 3 love holes.

Doll / Mom I'd Like To Fuck Love Doll
Not interested in inexperienced youngins? Want more of a woman than a girl? Enjoy our mature, love doll, the M.I.L.F. She's the envy of your peers and she's your friend's hot mom... She has three love holes to satisfy you the way an experienced woman knows how.

Doll / My Baby Got Back Doggie Style Love Doll
The ultimate booty call! Ultra-soft, realistic love doll with a FuturoticÀô wireless vibrating vagina and anus, full mouth and nipples. Life-like, almost seamless construction with a full mannequin head, long flowing black hair, and beautiful brown eyes. Sumptuous FuturoticÀô mouth with full lips. Movable arms with soft hands and painted nails. Life-like feet, firm ass, full breasts and a slim waist. Batteries included.

Doll /Big Bust Babe Love Doll
Beautiful, life-like, 4-color face with 3 love passages and large breasts with firm nipples.

Doll/ Lacey Sexy Sista Doll
Gorgeous Lacey Sexy Sista Doll - life-like love doll with 4-color face. Features three love passages and voluptuous breasts with firm nipples.

Doll / My Naughty Nurse
Love doll with realistic 3-D face, kissable lips, long flowing blonde hair, 2 love passages, and a removable nurse uniform and cap.

Doll / Shane's World College Party Doll
The perfect party girl! 4 color printed face with 3 love holes.